Monday, February 21, 2011

Catch 22 Program

Catch 22
So if your not familiar with the book catch 22, its about a guy named Yossarian,who is a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier. He is stationed in Italy during WWII. Now there is a thing among the troops there called catch 22. It basically means you have to be crazy to get out of the army but if you want out of the army then your not crazy. Its like a lose lose situation.
 Now when anyone stats to learn about the gospel and Christs teaching there are 2 things they most likely will here the most about. Faith and Hope. when you first start looking into them you find out that to get one you need the other, or to have one you need the other. For a log time this seemed to me like a catch 22. you need to pray and read scriptures to get more hope in Gods promises. but at the same time those things take faith that they will work. So my dilemma was that  you need faith to get hope but hope allows you to have faith.
So I started looking into this more and I discovered that you can't just get faith so you can hope and you can't hope you have faith. You have to develop them both at the same time.
The only way to developing them is actually doing something. You have to just try it and see the results. If you want something more in your life you just have to try out the things God has asked us to do and then you will.
If someone asks you to pray and you don't think it will help because you don't think you have any faith and your hope isn't really centered on Christ, what do you have to lose by trying it. Your faith will either grow or it wont.
The Lord tells us that we are to Prove him. Test out his commandments and see if they don't work.
Faith and hope are to amazing gifts that we need to be happy in this life. If someone offered you something to solve all your problems dont you think you would at least look into it.
I promise you that with god there is now lose lose situations. if we just try it we will always find win wins.
This video is a great on on hope and what it can actually do in our lives. Please watch it and then go out and try it out in your life.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Most Correct of Any Book" and the coolest.

I have to start by saying I LOVE the Book Of Mormon. It is the foundation of my testimony in the modern day work that I am apart of but, that's not the only reason why I love it.
I love the Book Of Mormon because IT IS SO COOL.
Wars, rumors of wars, intrigue, sabotage, counter intelligence, dysfunctional families, journeys in the wilderness, quests for treasures, ancient texts, murder, assassination attempts, battles, heroes, villains, victories, defeats, happiness, sadness, inspiration sermons, death defying feats, sieges and defences, romance, visions, prophecies, doctrine and discourses, and that's just naming a few.

It is an amazing book. there is something in there for everyone.
Elder Spencer W. Kimball had a similar experience and spoke of his “adventure” with the Book of Mormon:
“May I tell you of a great adventure? As I traveled to a weekend assignment, I took with me an unusual book which was my constant companion. I could lay it down only to sleep, eat, and change trains. It fascinated me, captivated me, and held me spellbound with its irresistible charm and engaging interest. I have read it many times.
“As I finished it, I closed the book and sat back, absorbed as I relived its contents. Its pages held me, bound me, and my eyes were riveted to them. I knew the book was factual, but as has been said, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction.’ . . .
“I found in it life at its best and at its worst, in ever-changing patterns. I hardly recovered from one great crisis until another engulfed me. . . .
“This dramatic story is one of the greatest ever played by man. . . .
“Its story has a vital message to all people. . . .
“Archaeologists may be excited as they read of ruins of ancient cities, highways, and buildings. . . .
“Journalists will find in this book crisis after crisis, presenting rich material for limitless climactic stories. . . .
“This unparalleled book should intrigue navigators. . . .
“The student of economics will find in this unusual book the disintegration of nations through pride, soft living, and luxuries, terminating finally in hunger and fetters. . . .
“The astronomer and geologist here may see signs in the heavens and new stars come into focus, three days without sun . . . nights without darkness . . . and a vapor of darkness so impenetrable that no glimmer, nor candles, nor torches, nor fire could give any light. . . .
“Engineers will learn . . . that . . . centuries ago, men erected buildings, temples, and highways with cement. . . .
“The psychologists may find studies in human behavior and the workings of the human mind and the rationalizing processes where men convince themselves that ‘good is bad, and that bad is good.’ . . .
“The educator will find treasures of literature and poetry. . . .
“This comprehensive book should be studied by politicians, government leaders, kings, presidents, and premiers to see the rise and fall of empires, and the difference between statesmanship and demagoguery. . . .
“Scientists will read of unusual instruments never patented or remade or duplicated, of elements which, without recharging, illuminate dark spaces indefinitely. . . .
“Military men may learn much in strategy, intrigue, in movements, in morale. . . .
“But after all, it is not the book’s dramatic crises, its history, its narrative that are so important, but its power to transform men into Christlike beings worthy of exaltation.
“It is the word of God. It is a powerful second witness of Christ. And, certainly, all true believers who love the Redeemer will welcome additional evidence of his divinity. . . .
“My beloved friends, I give to you the Book of Mormon. May you read it prayerfully, study it carefully, and receive for yourselves the testimony of its divinity”

The greatest part however is still the undeniable witness of Jesus Christ that it contains.
The book is true. Read it and find for your self the greatest adventure ever.
I say that in the name of Jesus Christ